Business Community


The Electronic Tracking Systems’ Coalition model has a long and successful history. A critical element of the model is channeling the resources of private institutions to reduce crime and provide a safe environment for employees and customers. The private sector has long been represented by financial institutions which are now joined by security-conscious organizations representing a variety of other community businesses segments.


Financial Institutions

Electronic Tracking Systems partners with over 500 financial institutions, representing over 3,400 local branches in the United States to proactively prevent bank robbery crime. The strength and ultimate success of this powerful solution relies heavily upon the participation of financial institutions both large and small, involving as many local branches as possible within each Community Coalition.


Other Businesses

ETS’ tracking technology is found in a variety of businesses. Convenience stores and fast-food restaurants have partnered with ETS in Coalitions to prevent robberies and convict robbers, and businesses in many other industries have successfully partnered with ETS to prevent asset theft. Pharmacies use ETS’ technology to track and recover valuable prescription narcotics, while high-dollar construction assets have been protected by the ETS Coalition.

The number and variety of retailers benefiting from participation in Coalitions continues to grow in cities throughout the US. The proactive membership of the retail sector in this public-private partnership is critical, allowing for more effective resource allocation, increased community awareness, and added support for the crime-fighting efforts of local law enforcement agencies.