Electronic Tracking Systems


Since 1981, Electronic Tracking Systems (ETS) has been a world leader in the recovery of stolen cash and in the recovery of other high-value assets utilizing its advanced tracking and location technology. Of equal note and for about the same period, ETS has held the distinction of being the only firm in its principal market space to advocate for law enforcement with the development and promotion of its Community Coalition model, a public-private partnership that is able to effect far-reaching and measurable results through the design and installation of proprietary Systems that bring law enforcement and businesses together.


Since first partnering with the San Francisco Police Department in 1981, Electronic Tracking Systems has developed over 250 partnerships with law enforcement agencies across the country. From small departments to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ETS works closely with agencies of all sizes. 


ETS Mission Statement


ETS facilitates the creation and management of Coalitions: bringing together local law enforcement agencies, governments and businesses to help reduce bank robberies and related crime. ETS accomplishes this through its leadership skills, tracking technology and a commitment to Service excellence.