Law Enforcement Agencies


Since first partnering with the San Francisco Police Department in 1981, Electronic Tracking Systems has developed over 250 partnerships with law enforcement agencies across the country. From small departments to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ETS works closely with agencies of all sizes. 


With the help of law enforcement veterans on its staff, ETS maintains a constant focus on the needs, challenges and demands placed on law enforcement today. ETS understands the complexities involved in instituting new department-wide initiatives. It works with all private and public members of each Community Coalition to ensure smooth implementation and substantive results from every tracking/location System it provides to its LEA partners.


ETS conducts extensive training with participating law enforcement agencies. Coalition members are encouraged by ETS to share resources and information with law enforcement agencies to assist them in meeting their goals. Law enforcement agencies realize several benefits through membership in their Community Coalition in terms of:


Officer Safety – The ETS System was first and foremost designed with officer safety in mind, and provides officers reliability and discreet tracking/location accuracy.


Reduced Crime – Criminals, very often dangerous and repeat offenders, are caught and removed from the streets as a result of Coalition members' support.


Community Goodwill – Citizens and various groups within the community have repeatedly shown gratitude, and support the Department’s participation in the Coalition and its proactive approach to crime prevention.


Citizens in the St. Louis Metropolitan area have benefited greatly from the partnership created by ETS and the banking industry. It’s another way to show the community how we’re using resources wisely and effectively to combat crime. -

Ret. Chief Jerry Lee, St. Louis County, Missouri Police Department